Work From Home (Online Jobs) – Top 25 Websites to Earn Money Online

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Work From Home (Online Jobs) – Top 25 Websites to Earn Money Online

For writers who are interested in earning an income and for those desiring to get noticed for their writing talents, then this article will show you the-best-of-the-best Internet freelance writing opportunities out there. You can earn money online by writing articles, blogs, reviews and stories that they enjoy writing about.  If you have been searching through online, then here are the best websites which you can get paid and easily working from home.


Helium is another website, and it’s system is entirely different from the another websites.  Helium is connected with major publishing companies, which will pick out writers and offer them jobs. Payment is made via paypal.


Helium offers an environment where you have to compete with other writers in order to get the most viewership. You chose a topic from a database to write about. The article will be compared to other articles with the same title by other Helium users, and you will get a rank. The top ranks will receive more attention therefore more money. You have to submit at least 5 articles to start earning, and you will need to continuously improve your writing skills in order to fight off competition.

Triond is a revenue sharing site that pays you to submit content. Triond is a great website, where you can submit text, images, videos, and audio. You can post your articles by registering to this site and you will get 50% revenues generated from by advertisements that appear on the pages alongside your articles. Payment is made via PayPal, Western Union money transfer, or check. Minimum payout for Payment is .50 and .00 for Check. Payment is made on 15th of every month. The more your articles get viewed, the more money you make. Triond is a great resource for starting Photographers, Writers and Producers.

Associated Content

On Associated Content, you can enter text, audio, video or images on any topic, or you can submit based on the Calls for Content, a list of topic ideas that you can claim.  You can earn money ranging from .50 to .50 for every thousand page views of your article.

Associated Content is the only paid-to-write website that offers upfront payment – this means that you’ll get paid a fixed price (between and ) for your article, rather than earning royalties every month. You then get paid through up-front payments and performance payments. But in this case, upfront payment is only available to US residents, but performance payment is available to both US residents and international members. Payment is made via PayPal. Minimum payment is .


Ehow is a great website if you want to earn more for your articles. Ehow only accept “how to” articles. They will not accept poetry, literature, personal experiences, or general articles. One thing that is great about Ehow is that the traffic is high. It always come up high on google search. This will ensure that you’ll always get traffic to your articles.

Ehow only pays residual and there’s no upfront payment. You get pay when someone clicks on your ads. If you only have a few articles then it’s hard to make any money with them. If you have a lot of articles then you can make a high revenue on Ehow. You can also promote your content through social networks.  The editors there are strict and they do check your articles. You can earn anywhere from 0-0 onEhow. It’ll depends on how many articles you have. But it is only for US writers.


This is another good website for writers to earn money. On this site you earn multiple streams of income through writing how to articles, posting pictures, video, and audio. Bukisa has a Bukisa index, for example if the index is set at .00 you will receive .00 for every 1000 unique visitors for your publications. Payments are sent out once a month via pay pal. There is a .00 payment threshold once your threshold is reached payments are sent out at the end of the month.

You also get paid for published content of your friends 3 levels deep. If you sign up other writers under you, they pay you a percentage of their content as well. You can also make money off of video’s you publish as well. If you like to speak you can post audio messages as well and generate revenues from you audio messages also.

Freelance Writing

This website offers a comprehensive collection of writing opportunities that are updated regularly through RSS Feeds from the freelance writing job markets. If you cannot find a freelance writing opportunity here, then you are probably not looking hard enough.


This is an excellent writing opportunity where writers are creating new web content that is known on Xomba as “Xombytes” and can earn money through ad revenue generated from the writer’s Xombytes. To participate in this writing program you must have a Google Adsense account, because the ad revenue that is shared in earned through your Adsense account. Xomba pays 50% of the ad revenue generated from the articles and blogs that you write.Membership is free and registration is required.


HubPages is a place where writers can write about just about anything that is interesting to them and earn 60% of the ad revenue that is generated from their writings. Payment is made via PayPal. HubPages does not pay you to write but if you publish articles, or Hubs as they call them they will share Adsense revenue with you. You can link this to your existing Adsense account.  This adds a little bit of revenue to that earned by my main blog but not enough to make it worthwhile spending a lot of time on it.

Online writing jobs

Here you can find freelance writer or post whatever the job you will get. Online Writing Jobs is an online marketplace for writers seeking new opportunities and companies and individuals in need of the creative skills of a writer. This is a forum and requires free registration to post to threads.

Squidoo allow writers to write about just about anything that you love sharing and writing about within reason. You get 50% of the revenue generated when a person buys a product from Amazon, eBay, CafePress, or clicks on a Google Adsense ad that are displayed alongside your article. Payment is made via PayPal.


You can publish articles once you are get approved by submitting your resume and sample articles. You can publish 10 articles every three months and get paid by sharing revenue generated by Google Adsense. You can earn additional 10% ad revenue after published 50 articles, and 10% more after publishing 100 articles. Payment is made via PayPal.

Myspace Jobs

Here you can find whatever job you want. Simply type in the kind of job that you are looking for and the city, state or zip code where you want to work, and then click “Find Jobs” button and you’re on your way to working again soon. This is the world’s largest online social network with over 100 millions worldwide members.


This website is especially for bloggers.  If you have a popular blog, you can go and write reviews or do sponsored offers on it. In return, you’ll get 50$ to 1000$ for every written review. You can actually make 0 a month here.  . If you’ve never heard of getting paid to blog before, then their site is really worth checking out.


This is a wonderful website for story writers, they really enjoy writing short stories, the stories at StoryMash start with the first chapter written by you, and then after that the story may have five second chapter and so on. You get paid at least 50% of all third party ad revenue. You must have a Google Adsense Account, so that you can earn money in the StoryMash program.


It is very simple, just write reviews about the products that you currently use and get paid for sharing your opinions. If you are writer that enjoys sharing your opinion about the movies that you watch or the music that you listen to or about the commercial products that you normally purchase, then ReviewParty is a program that you should seriously consider. ReviewParty pays 50% of the ad revenue that your review(s) generate through Google Adsense, but you must have a Google Adsense Account to participate in the program.


Here the writersshare their knowledge about personal finances, frugal living, career and income, life hacks and deals and coupons. This publisher pays out a premium page view rate that is based on how much traffic the author can attract to their site. The more traffic that a writer manages to bring in, then the more that writer earns.


It is very easy website to earn money but it is a low paying site that you get paid to click on advertisements and to sign up for offers. If you are going to try DonkeyMails, I suggest that you sign up for offers rather than click advertisements, because the offers pay much better.


Linux is a website that publishes news, reviews, case studies, HOWTOs, featurearticles, and fact-based commentary directly related to Linux, open source, or free software. If Linux accepts your article, they pay you 0 to 0! They recommend you follow their guidelines. Linux loves product reviews and case-studies.

Slash My Search

Do you spend hours every day surfing the internet? Do you want to be paid to do something that you’d do for fun anyway? Enter SlashMySearch – a program where you are paid to surf the web! You earn .25/hr and your direct referrals earn you .15/hr. Your level 3 referrals will also earn you .05/hr! I think this is a wonderful idea for all those net addicts (myself included) out there.


Zadby is a creative and simple website for video creators. You begin by making a deal with a brand manager, on how much money you will receive for your video. All you must do then is make the video, including the brand manager’s product somewhere inside!


Yuwie is a social site that pays its members to do what people normally would do on any other social site like add photos, profiles, music and videos and so on. Additionally, members can earn an additional income from referrals up to 10 levels down, so the more friends that you invite, then the more money you can potentially earn.


Buzzshed is a very simple website where money is in a sense thrown into your lap. On Buzzshed, all you do, is simply watch videos. That’s right, you watch videos and you get paid for doing it. Not only do you enjoy yourself but you get paid for it! In fact, how much you get paid is actually up to you!


Wordclay is a self-publishing website, in which you upload your book, design its cover, and choose its price. Other Wordclay users can than buy it! Wordclay is a great solution for a great problem that great writers have; they can’t publish their books. And then there’s Wordclay.

Bux To

At you get paid to view advertisements – they pay 1 cent for every ad you view and they have more than 15 ads every day. You can also buy referrals or refer your friends to increase your earnings. Their minimum payout is and they pay by paypal.


Nicheblast is a simple website. You start by making an account. You then select a topic of interest. You have 48 hours to write the article. After it is approved, it is shown on the site and you can enjoy a lifetime of income. In fact, after your first article is accepted, you get a bonus!

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