Google redirect (link) virus

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Is your browser acting strange? Like when you type in google , for example and then you click on it, it automatically redirects you either to dangerous websites, foreign etc, or redirects you to other type of google. Well i have found a fix with the help of someone (i’m sorry but i forgot his website name) and he posted something that helped me. I will help you too. Here are the steps:

1. Firstly, open combofix, let it do his scan. (Download Combofix from here —> http://   .Note i give full credits to it’s author. It is not my program, i am merely an user)

2. Secondly, after it restarts, let it continue his scan.

3. Thirdly, Uninstall the browsers infected and reinstall them.

4. If the virus is still there try combining the steps like…do first the 3rd step and then the 1st one.

This has worked for me and the virus is gone. Combofix is one of the best programs i have used and i am happy i found it on that guy’s website. Good luck on killing the virus and peek a boo again on our blog again as we will still post useful information. 🙂

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