reading an ECG

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25 Responses

  1. WitchesPuzzle says:

    Oh, pleeeease! I learned so much from these five minutes! If you have the other videos, please post them!!

  2. wlo6 says:

    @mainhundon1 where is the rest of the series for learning ekg?!!plz

  3. wlo6 says:

    this is awsome! this is a great teacher, and wonderful human being cz he tought of sharing his knowledge with us when lots of other fellow american dorctors didnt (or any other nationality).. so stop these pathetic mockeries…
    are there other videos for ekg from the same source? can someone tell me plz?

  4. nicecat999 says:

    lol peepee interval…sorry can’t help myself D

  5. podiodi says:

    i wish i could speak spanish, as well as this fkr speaks english !

  6. jjovereats says:

    @chrissy15101 i know

  7. chrissy15101 says:

    @jjovereats everybody’s does!

  8. somekid39 says:

    I find this difficult to masterbate to.

  9. krewldoc says:

    @leodracula and yu shud post ur smelly comments on ur moms face yu dildoface

  10. krewldoc says:

    @1mrcontroversy It wudn’t…cuz yu tend to pee lot more wen ur pregnant!! yu dickface

  11. krewldoc says:

    @sanasajid1 dude, for indians, what yu speak is crapy! so..try not to be a dickhead..

  12. jjovereats says:

    My tachy/brady fluctuation speed depends on exercise.

  13. robincraju says:

    graet dr. u r a perfect teacher..

  14. leodracula says:

    You should study Ajurveda and not this shit…

  15. 1mrcontroversy says:

    My PP interval depends on how much water I drink 😀

  16. linzie78 says:

    This is great. Learned a lot. Thanks for posting.

  17. Jamshaidzubairee says:

    thanks……very good

  18. 04091208 says:

    very simple n clear to understand,thank u Dr.

  19. drsavi22 says:

    Thnx for introduction

  20. cuntface644 says:

    this saved me so much time, thankyou!

  21. shanittrainer says:

    wonderful explanation in simple English, not a single Englishman can explain so effectively. I am a Canadian.

  22. koiwhiskers says:

    very helpful !

  23. brian242r says:

    Thank you soooooo much 😀

  24. MissDooooody says:

    thanx doctor 😀

  25. mary2001pk says:

    thanks alot! pls post some more like these… they are really very helpful

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