Two men dragging a dead body noticed on Google Maps

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While navigating Google maps, I noticed some amazing, shocking and horrifying imagery.

The following image is from the country Netherlands.

The image shows two men dragging a body and probably dumping it in the near by water. It appears that the two men dragged the body along the wooden bridge from the woods. You can see that the person is bleeding since the blood trail is visible all along.

Two men dragging a bleeding body - Google maps - dead body google maps

Two men dragging a bleeding body – Google maps

It is very uncommon for google maps to put up such images, since they censor each and every image before putting it live on Google maps. It is possible that this image might have gone unnoticed under the Google’s radar. You can still view this image by enter the coordinates in Google maps.

The address comes out to be:


 1312 Almere, The Netherlands 39 m SE

52.376552, 5.198300

Leave a comment to let me know what you think, why Google put up such an image? Was it a mistake? or Was it done purposefully?


Apparently it was found that the image is from the year 2009. A more recent photograph of the place can be viewed using Bing Maps.

murder caught on google maps bing proof

A bing version of the murder scene?!

The Bing version of the scene shows the wooden plank, right where the body was placed has been removed.

Can anyone guess what the reason is for removing the plank? Is it just repair work, or does it have to do with the incident? Let me know by leaving a comment below 😀

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14 Responses

  1. Bruce Leet says:

    to me it looks like TWO bodies have been dragged there

    near the center is what looks like an accumulation of blood from the first body (presumably already dumped into the lake at the time of the satellite photo)

    leading from that central accumulation of what looks like blood to the north edge of the octagon is what looks like either “large droplets” or more likely “bloody shoeprints”… to me it looks like the first body was first dragged to the center of the octagon from the trail and then lifted up and carried to the north edge and then thrown into the lake

    then to the left of this central accumulation of what looks like blood I think is a second body… having been dragged to the left of where the first body was dragged… you can see how what may be blood trails separate into two dragged blood trails… to me it looks like this second body was still on the octagon at the time of the pic

    to me it looks like a man is leaning on the railing looking at the second body… wearing some kind of lime green or greenish clothing

    I would say the police need to be informed of this picture!

    the map says: “Imagery ©2013 Aerodata International Surveys, Map data ©2013 Google”

    this means the image can be from 0 to 4 months old

    that is still plenty of time to find skeleton or maybe decaying body in the lake and maybe identify it from dental records and could close an unsolved case file??

  2. PlanK says:

    First!ly, there are many people around, on bikes and even joggers.. So I doubt it was any kind of gunshot crime, otherwise people would be swarming.. Also, there is what seems to be a girl with a white jacket and a ponytail crouching just at the right side of the entrance to the pier.. wonder what her involvement is with all this? Also, I don’t see the ‘body’s legs.. Traditionally you would drag a body by pulling it right under the arms, in the armpits.. then the legs would be visibly dragging behind the body.. But I don’t see any legs? Also, there isn’t any cars in sight for a large distance.. So they probably got this guy/girl out into the park, with the intention to kill him/her, since they didn’t just drag the body from a car, the actual crime happened right there (I actually really doubt that is a human’s blood, just me?) Anyways.. Saw this on facebook quite a lot also, so it’s quite public right now..

  3. nuclearrambo says:

    It could be possible the man stabbed him/her with knife silently.

  4. Cassandra says:

    that doesn’t look like a human body at all. It looks to me like either a dog or a really big fish. Also, that’s not blood, it’s water. If it was blood it would be a whole lot darker. It seems to me more like they are playing with a dog, maybe threw it out into the water, who then swims to shore and runs back along the dock soaking wet back to the people. you can see the mud’s been churned up in the water on the right side of the dock.

  5. Kirin says:

    or it maybe, y’know, wet plank.
    A plan painted red becomes more visible when it’s wet, unlike its dried and dusty fella.

    Maybe the guy just fall in the water or something, and he’s been helped up.

  6. Nitemare says:

    Well my first reaction was blood, but it does apper to be a type of redwood, perhaps a red wood stain, with just water marks (water will make a wood appear darker then dry wood). but if you check out bings sat image (clearest is the 45 degree angle), you see there are planks missing, same date stamp of 2013 as well, so possable the planks were removed by police during an investigation. (see it here:

  7. Scott says:

    This was confirmed to be nothing more than just a wet dog and it’s owner hanging out on a dock.

  8. sheniqua says:

    y’all dont know what your talking about. I WAS THERE AND I WATCHED IT THE WHOLE TIME. it was my great aunt susan

  9. christallielleleeq says:

    i was the jogger theere and hoped not to get killed so after that picture i ran away with my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. christallielleleeq says:

    your mom was there. your mom was the guppy in the lake

  11. marisris says:

    i like pie. you like pie. we all like pie. (except the ghetto guppies) jk not my mom jk for sure not jk

  12. Sammi says:

    Wow.. thats crazy.. I just heard of this!!

  1. May 9, 2014

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