Why Are Home Security Systems Worth It For The Long Run

Are home security systems worth it
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Protecting your home has become a priority in these harsh times. If you have a business, this is even more crucial. Did you know that your goods are stolen more often by your employees than by outside burglars? The human greed has no boundary. Employees have managed to infiltrate, and they can take goods without you noticing.

Now is when security systems come into the game. Alarm systems are useful for outside burglars while security systems are useful for inside burglars. Now, I am not generalising by any means that every employee has this insane greed within to steal from their bosses, but prevention is the wisest option. If you decide to buy a security system, you take into consideration that electronics fail at any time, maintenance is required from time to time, and this should not discourage you at all.

The main question of this article is: Are home security systems worth it for the long run?

Owning a security system is worth it

By default, everyone wants to use a security system for the simple fact that you are protected by CCTV cameras that record footage 24/7 around your home while you sleep. Or protecting your business as I said above, against your employees that get greedy. In my country, for example, you can install a security system for as low as a two-month salary.

I had cases where the clients whom I installed a security system for, were assaulted by specific individuals. With the help of the CCTV cameras, we managed to extract proof footage, useful for the police investigation. The owner also had its security system registered, so make sure you install through a security company, as they provide the necessary papers.

Then there was this case where a client called us to search through footage after she got falsely accused of rape by a female employee. The only issue, in this case, is the client allowed the employee to have complete access, and she deleted crucial footage. It’s the reason why police are forcing companies to install cameras; otherwise, they get fined. The world has become “an unsafe place”, so the reasons for the forced rules are well justified. Installing security systems also help the neighbourhood become a safer place against other types of crimes.

So yes, security is no laughing matter or game. Security systems are proof you, or other individuals will be protected in some way.


Maintenance is the process done to ensure the best system functionality in the long run. Things such as firmware updates, fixing issues with HDD failure, replacing power supply are the standard procedures of maintenance. Usually, people call for a specialist in these cases because they don’t want to waste their precious time. But you can do them by yourself.

Fixing a dead HDD is as simple as opening the case that covers the main PCB board with the CPU and all the goodies. Unscrew around 4-8 screws to remove it. Replacing a failed power supply of a DVR is quite easy as long as you got the connector.

All you have to do is get a similar power supply with 12V output and cut the + and – wires. Then cut the connector from the old power supply, cut it’s + and – wires and put them together accordingly to the new power supply.

Firmware updates can be performed by you as well. The process itself is like this:

  1. Download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website for the correct model (this applies to any electronic device)
  2. Search through the settings and find where to upload firmware;
  3. Start the upgrade and remember never to shut down the system until the upgrade is complete, ever, for this system or any other electronic device that is performing a firmware update!

The power consumption of a security system is low, so you don’t have to worry about that if you live in a country where the power is expensive.

The durability of the security system

Electronics fail all the time. Don’t expect the system to work for 100 years without fail. CCTV cameras could fail, DVR fails, power supply fails. It’s something completely normal for them to fail, but they can also be replaced with ease.

When you invest, consider this. The system itself costs a lot but if anything fails, be ready to spend some more money to get something replaced. The security system companies have made their products durable, so don’t get discouraged. They made them resistant to freezing temperatures, humidity, hot temperatures. Check the IP Protection Ratings for more information.

Mishandling the DVR or CCTV cameras could make them stop functioning as well. Dropping either of them or crushing them with heavy objects could be few of the reasons.

Even though CCTV cameras/DVR operating temperatures specified from extreme temp to another extreme temp, the result could be completely different, so you must be aware of anything failing.

Example of operating temperature/humidity of a Hikvision IP Outdoor Camera:

-30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to +140 °F), humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)

I have had cases of CCTV cameras failing at -10 °C because water kept being poured on it from melting snow and the CCTV camera failed.

The last reason why the DVR or CCTV Camera could fail would be factory mishandling. The only way to fix this issue is to send it to the manufacturers.

Technology improvements

Technology improves daily releasing new security products by the day. Security systems have become more efficient compared to previous years, offering better quality, faster transfer over the Internet, more powerful infrared lights, innovative features and the price are still affordable, despite the disbelief of some people.

Recently I’ve seen with my own eyes Speedome camera with tracking abilities, powerful infrared lights and crazy features. You won’t believe how many features they implement in such small devices. It’s almost as it’s not from this world.

If technology goes forward like this, I am excited to see what new crazy stuff they create next. Aren’t you?


I recommend everyone to install a security system, cheap or expensive, doesn’t matter as long as it will serve a purpose of keeping you, your family or business safe. Prevention is better than finding out you are missing $20.000 from the cash register or that burglar that barged in your house.


As a person that feels intrigued by technology, lots of opportunities that came in my way opened my eyes for a better view of the future. I cherish the times we live in! There is no better time but now to learn as much as we can, and share it with the world. I am currently working with surveillance and networking systems, other related IT things too. I am looking forward to write amazing content for our readers.

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