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Use RTL-SDR with Zybo Zynq SoC board

The well-known RTL-SDR found itself to become quite popular over the past few years. Even today, RTL-SDR works like a gateway to the world of digital radios. The open-source RTL-SDR setup works with almost...

Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on Zynq SoC 0

Running Ubuntu 20.04 on Zynq SoC

One of the earlier posts demonstrated the process of building Petalinux for the Zynq SoC on the Zybo board. The process itself is quite simple when all you have to do is run Linux....

OpenWebRX running on a IPv6 2

Running OpenWebRX on IPv6 address

Right back in the year 2011, the last blocks of the IPv4 address space were allocated. There were no new blocks left for any future expansion of the IPv4 address. This happened because more...