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Easy Steps To Become Successful And Motivated 1

Easy Steps To Become Successful And Motivated

Every day it’s getting harder and harder to be motivated on a consistent basis. For this reason, a lack of motivation leads to a lack of happiness and success in our lives. Reasons for this happening are lack of self-fulfillment, lack of financial independence, inter-personal

Let's fight depression together

Let’s fight depression together for we are the same

To Fight depression for a short time is the most difficult thing to do. To fight it more than four years is impossible. I am making this post to say that i figured out i got chronic depression or in medical terms “persistent depressive disorder”.

how i increased my self confidence in just 3 months

How i increased my self confidence in just 3 months

Building self confidence after so many years of it being absent, can be a truly hard thing to achieve. I have had problems with self confidence for as long as i can remember. If you are reading this, then you probably had or have problems

I am bored what to do

My Top 10 things i do when i am bored or exhausted

Sometimes, not having something to do, a state of boredom activates, where an individual doesn’t feel like doing anything or doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, for the majority of people, this problem persists and remains a constant in our daily lives. Why?? Because the

7 Side-effects of Anger

With our society being more and more demanding, one’s emotions might get out of control and take control over our lives, making us feel hopeless and destroy confidence entirely. I would like to talk today about how anger might impact us more than we think,

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114 life threatening facts about smoking!

  Smoking : uncommon and common effects to our health More than 1 billion people in this world smoke everyday! That is a huge number. Considering our lifestyle, average life expectancy has fallen to about 60 to 75 years from previous 90 just about a

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How to Lead a Healthy Life

What is a healthy life? An healthy life can be defined as a perfect life in which we have no ailments to suffer from, in fact our body must work in perfect condition. But an healthy life isn’t limited to the physical body, but this

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Hiv test

  For Low-Risk people, a positive result from an HIV TEST is wrong half the time.   Although a lot of progress has been made in improving the length and quality of life for people with AIDS, getting a positive result from an HIV test