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A simple voice detector circuit

Voice detector can find it’s use in voice-activated circuits. For example, triggering a transmitter or enabling a speech processor and so on. At the end of this blog post, we will look at one such application. A voice detector is a circuit which will either

RF Pulse generation with RF switch

Remember the previous post where we generated PWM? We are going to use the PWM output from the TivaC microcontroller and drive an RF switch. I will be using the Minicircuits HSWA2-63DR+ SP2T switch to generate pulsed RF output. Correspondingly, A simple SP1T switch would

tiva pwm tutorial

Generating PWM on Tiva C connected launchpad (TM4C1294)

Texas Instrument’s Tiva C connected launchpad is a really powerful Cortex M4 microcontroller board. The possibilities with this chip are endless. In this post, we will be generating PWM output on one of the GPIO pins of TM4C1294 microcontroller. A simple PWM output can be

Getting VHF station up and running

Days after clearing the ASOC examination, I finally got an official callsign – VU3XEN. The callsign would be useless if I have no means of communication. This post is going to be really short where I would be describing the process of getting a VHF

Fabricated dual directional coupler.

Home brewing a simple antenna analyzer – Part 1

A primary tasks of an antenna analyzer is determining how good of a match an antenna has with the transmitter. One of the ways of determining that is by looking at the reflected power from the antenna port. In simple words, an unmatched impedance of the

DRA818V pcb

DRA818V VHF band transceiver – Part 1

Necessity to stay connected with others is growing by the day. In cases when mobile network is out of reach and a message needs to be relayed or received, ham radio can prove to be quite helpful. Let us not get into the details as

LNA silicon images

Radar on a chip – Shrinking Radars!

Whenever we hear the word “Radar”, a picture comes to mind with a rotating line across a circular display with a few objects moving here and there. This is a general perception of radars that we have after watching a few Hollywood movies. Just like

orcad 16.6 full download

Cadence OrCAD 16.6 full download – FREE

NOW GET OrCAD 17.2 Cadence OrCAD 16.6 version is the new version of OrCAD schematic and PCB designing tool with lot of improvements. We all know that since the OrCAD 16.3 version, there has been no proper crack to use OrCAD. Do not worry anymore

ECG front end circuit (BUY NOW)

Android based wireless ECG monitoring (UPDATED)

From quite some time I had been busy trying to perfect my real time ECG monitoring system. I was able to look at my ECG after a tedious task of recording it via sound card and then processing it in MATLAB. If you have closely