The complete IP camera default password list 2019

IP camera default password
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very CCTV camera comes with a default password that can otherwise be changed afterwards. It’s some issue I had to figure out when installing different types of CCTV cameras. More and more manufacturers include the feature to create a new password when users plug in the IP cameras.

Why am I making such an article?

Having experienced this problem, I figured it would help someone if I made an article of this kind. Lately, Hikvision has been updating its technology to create a new password for each camera’s first use. Same goes for all their security systems. Older firmware doesn’t have this option, and maybe some people prefer to run older versions. I don’t recommend staying on old firmware for any security system or IP camera.

It is also most recommended that you change your IP camera default password as often as you can, to prevent it from being hacked. One thing to remember is if you receive an invalid password error, then it means it has changed already, and you must follow the reset procedure.


Usually, to reset an IP camera to default state, you unplug it from the power source. Then you press the reset button and hold it. While holding the reset button, plug the power connector again into the camera and still maintain the reset button for around 30 seconds and release it.

Then check if the IP camera network address has changed to the default. If not, try again in the same manner. However, if there is not a reset button located on the camera, you might have difficulties resetting it. Contact the supplier and ask him for help.

This list is the IP camera default password list updated for 2019. I might not have covered all the models, but this was the only information I could gather for now.

3xLogic admin 12345
ACTi Admin 123456
admin 123456
Amcrest admin admin
American Dynamics admin admin
admin 9999
Arecont Vision admin <blank>
AvertX admin 1234
Avigilon admin admin
administrator <blank>
Axis root pass
root <blank>
Basler admin admin
Bosch <blank> <blank>
service service
Dinion <blank>
Brickcom admin admin
Canon root The model number of camera
root camera
CBC Ganz admin admin
Cisco no default <blank>
CNB root admin
Costar root root
Dahua admin admin
888888 888888
666666 666666
Digital Watchdog admin admin
DRS admin 1234
DVTel Admin 1234
DynaColor Admin 1234
FLIR admin fliradmin
admin admin
Foscam admin <blank>
GeoVision admin admin
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234
admin 1234
IndigoVision BX/GX Admin 1234
IndigoVision Ultra <blank> <blank>
Intellio admin admin
Interlogix admin 1234
IOImage admin admin
IPX-DDK root Admin
root admin
IQInvision root system
JVC admin The model number of camera
admin jvc
Longse admin 12345
Lorex admin admin
LTS Security admin 12345
admin 123456
March Networks admin <blank>
Merit Lilin Camera admin pass
Merit Lilin Recorder admin 1111
Messoa admin Model number of camera
Mobotix admin meinsm
Northern admin 12345
Oncam admin admin
Panasonic admin 12345
admin1 password
Pelco admin admin
PiXORD admin admin
root pass
Qsee admin admin
admin 123456
QVIS Admin 1234
Reolink admin <blank>
Samsung root admin
root 4321
admin 4321
admin 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Scallop admin password
Sentry360 Admin 1234
admin 1234
admin <blank>
Sony admin admin
Speco root root
admin admin
admin 1234
StarDot admin admin
Starvedia admin <blank>
Sunell admin admin
SV3C admin 123456
Swann admin 12345
Toshiba root ikwb
Trendnet admin admin
Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
UDP root unknown
Uniview admin 123456
Verint admin admin
VideoIQ supervisor supervisor
Vivotek root <blank>
W-Box admin wbox123
admin admin
Wodsee admin <blank>

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